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The Future's Future 2019

E3 is the single most important thing in the world for one week in June and who are we to deny participation in this annual explosion of reveal trailers, hands-on demos, and business cards. Devolver Digital will be in attendance again - sort of - and we wanted to share our plans.

Follow @DevolverDigital on Twitter and join us on Discord at to tell each other how disappointed you were in something we revealed.

Devolver Digital Big Fancy Press Conference 2019

Watch the next chapter in a story that has no right to exist, let alone be aired to hundred of thousands of people live. There will be four game reveals with one being available to purchase with money immediately and another releasing later but priced at something like $5,000. It'll all make sense soon.

Sunday, June 9 @ 7PM Pacific played live from the future's future on!

Devolver Digital Trailer Park

Our annual outdoor good times where our beloved developers will demo just announced games and upcoming releases. While we can't yap about the unannounced games we will have Le Cartel's Heave Ho on a 15-foot LED wall for four-player friendship ending fun and FromSoftware giving a peek at Metal Wolf Chaos XD ahead of its release later this summer.

Across the Street from E3 Livestream

Join our very own Jayhem and guest hosts SeriouslyClara and MANvsGAME as they livestream all sorts of cool stuff. Check out the latest look at My Friend Pedro, wild times with Cricket Through the Ages from Free Lives, and lots of secrets and surprises!

Watch it live on from Tuesday, June 11 through Thursday, June 13!

Devolver Digital Museum of Oddities

Devolver Digital is celebrating our 10th year in existence so we're setting up a modest little museum that will house some of the odder or quirky things that have been produced or shelved over our history. Go hands-on with a canceled prototype spin-off of Hotline Miami that used procedurally generated levels to tell the story of Richter form the original game. Check out weird marketing props, amazing original pieces from Special Reserve Games, and little bits of nostalgia that aren't available outside of this museum.