HEAVE HO Starts Ruining Relationships on August 29

- Warm Up Your Grip with Free Party Demo on Steam -

Paris – Independent developer Le Cartel and tight-gripped game label Devolver Digital have announced physics-based local multiplayer adventure Heave Ho swings onto Nintendo Switch and PC on August 29. The next great couch co-op game also has a free Heave Ho ‘Party Demo’ available starting today on Steam - perfect for any meetups, events, and game nights heavehogame.com.

Heave Ho tasks up to four players with a simple goal – don’t fall to your death! Players will use their own two hands and the outstretched grip of their friends to grapple across each level on their way to victory. Grab one another’s hands, climb across dangling bodies, and swing your pals to safety in a wobbly, dangly mass of limbs. Customize your character with all manner of stylish accessories and zany accoutrement in a vain attempt to remember who you are and which of your hands is the only thing between you and the plummet of doom.

Devolver Digital and LeCartel spent the spring and summer touring Heave Ho around at every major game event around the world where it was met with rave reviews and uproarious laughter. Heave Ho will launch at PAX West 2019 in Seattle where it will also be playable on a 15 foot LED wall at the Devolver Digital booth.

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Heave Ho