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Follow the Path of Human Achievement in "Cricket Through the Ages"

Coming Soon to Apple Arcade

Ultra athletic developer Free Lives (Broforce, GORN) and label Devolver Digital have revealed the historically accurate, local multiplayer sports phenomenon Cricket Through the Ages will debut on Apple Arcade.

Swing bats and throw balls through the intertwined histories of humankind and cricket in this one button, physics-driven game. Over a thousand years ago the human race teetered on the edge of extinction. Our ancestors were helpless against the mighty behemoths of the land. And then, salvation…the game of cricket was invented! Go alone, or take a friend, on a journey through the rich and exquisitely accurate history of cricket in Cricket Through the Ages.

  • Enjoy cricket through the miracle of a simple, one button/touch control scheme.
  • Play through six unique game modes solo or against a friendly rival.
  • Supports Game Center and all compatible game controllers.

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