By Pixel Titans, 2017

STRAFE® is the worlds bloodiest roguelike first-person shooter! Featuring mind melting secrets and persistent gore that allows you to paint levels red with the entrails of your enemies.

About the Game


SURGEON GENERAL’S WARNING: The Surgeon General was brutally murdered by STRAFE®.

STRAFE® is a roguelike first-person shooter that generates unique, full levels every time you play. Hand-crafted rooms are randomly linked together and filled with a fresh buffet of hungry enemies, so every run provides a new bloody challenge as you seamlessly slaughter your way through 4 diverse locations in unknown deep space. With secrets hidden around every corner and plenty of mechanics to discover, the tutorial is just the start — so explore & experiment often!


  • PERMANENT DAMAGE AND GIBS! ÜBER-GORE technology means enemies explode with fountains of blood, which never fades away. Create wicked works of death art that mark your explored territory from the unventured. 
  • ENDLESS CHANGING LEVELS! Randomly-generated levels are always different and violently unpredictable. Rooms, enemies, power ups, monster closets, and secrets move around every time you die! 
  • FACE MELTING SPEED! The blazing fast action will hit you like the blast wave of a 50 megaton thermonuclear warhead, liquefying your skin cells and rupturing your internal organs. Yet still leave you coming back for more.


As a Scrapper on a impossibly dangerous mission at the edge of the galaxy, you only have one life to navigate all the nightmarish terrains of STRAFE®. When you die, nothing will ever be the same again.


  • Four unique zones (three levels each) that demand different death-defying gameplay styles+ Gun upgrades that turn your average tool of death into an outright murder machine 
  • 30+ insane weapons
  • 20+ blood-thirsty enemies
  • Some of the most unique secrets in gaming!
  • The sickest soundtrack of 1996 and at least the next 25 years
  • Unsigned 32 bit colors!
  • Lifelike digital gravity
  • Colored lighting!
  • STRAFE®!


  • CAMPAIGN - The core experience is a single player roguelike FPS adventure filled with secrets.
  • STRAFE ZONE - A leaderboard based daily challenge. You have one attempt to get the high score each day, can you do it?
  • SPEED ZONE - A leaderboard based weekly challenge. You have a week to run a locked level seed as many times as you want and try to shave your time down but you have to kill 90% of the enemies in the level before you can cross the finish line.
  • MURDER ZONE - Can you survive 10 rooms of slaughter? Unlock new tools between attempts to become ruthlessly efficient.

Boastful praise

STRAFE emerges as a uniquely thrilling shooter with plenty of charm in its own right. 8/10 – Gamespot
STRAFE is basically Spelunky in first-person... 8.5/10 - Destructoid
A must-play for FPS addicts of old and a gleeful return to solo FPS action Ars Technica
Blood and Gore