May 16th, 2024

Top 15 Shirt Designs Your Gamer Friends Loved and Your Parents Hated

By Paul Hartling & Kate Ludlow

Hi all, Paul and Kate here from the propaganda service wing of Devolver Digital, and today, we invite you as we kick off the company's 15th anniversary blog posting extravaganza by taking a stroll through the history of our few, but favorite apparel designs that we pride ourselves on and wear on our torsos with little to no self respect. Deep cuts? Convention exclusives? Fan favorites? All here baby. Because it's our birthday, we decided to shower you consumers with a restock of some of our favorite designs (outside of North America? Go here!), so swing by the merch store and check out what we have to spend your extra pocket change and lint on.

15 - Graff Train (2018)

Graffiti Train Logo

Hop on the passenger train or get left behind. This shirt we brought over to PAX Australia in 2018 and now it's yours to look at right now on this page in your home in 2024. Designed by Terri Vellmann.

14 - Devolver Possum (2023)

Possum Logo

After commissioning the brilliant Enter The Gungeon popup vinyl art, and custom Dolly Parton wallpaper for Kate's bathroom, we knew we wanted artist Joseph Harmon to get super weird with our PAX East 2023 shirt. We got a dissected possum that could honestly represent the key poses employees actually do while working from home.

13 - Gungeons & Draguns (2016)

Gungeons and Draguns Logo

Roll or Die. Gather your friends together and explore the dungeon where you may or may not encounter the Dragun. This Bullet kin is strapped up and just jumping right in. Fearless, fearless creature. Designed by David Crooks, Joseph Harty, and John Cipriani.

12 - Ya'll Means All (2022)

Yall Means All Logo

Y’all is our favorite inclusive word, and when we say “y’all means all,” we mean that gaming is a space for everyone. Sometimes we print shirts where portion of the funds go towards charity, like ths one! 100% of the proceeds from this shirt will go to Equality Texas. Equality Texas works to secure full equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer Texans through political action, education, community organizing, and collaboration. While we may be global now, Texas is our home base, and we’re proud to support this fine organization. With artwork by Devolver's own Emily Taylor!

11 - Hotline Miami 3 Goblin (2019)

HLM3 Goblin Logo

Another brilliant troll from artist, Terri Vellmann. This shirt features the only copy of Hotline Miami 3 that will ever, ever exist. It was also when we were asked to stop putting cigarettes on shirts, because smoking is gross, and Devolver is for the children.

10 - Minit (2017)

Minit Logo

Luckily with this shirt you could hand wash it for 60 seconds and it would be clean! Well, maybe not entirely, but you get the idea. Wouldn't it be cool if they made Minit go to space or something? (Paul wrote this text, but Kate would like it noted that 60 seconds is more than enough time to handwash a shirt, unless you have heavy chili stains, from a chili dog or something.) Design was done by Thomas Wellmann, and Minit by Kitty, JW, Jukio and Dom.

9 - Burger (2014)

Burger Logo

An original design from the vault from when we first started slanging shirts at conventions 10 or so years ago to you beautiful consumers. The burger looks great, but the eye popping shirt color looks even better. How many more Terri V shirts can we make? Never enough.

8 - Trailer Monsters (2018)

Porch Logo

Look at this crew. Amazing times from our second to last parking lot jam that took place across the street from some Electronics Expo. The design is based off a real "Front Porch" art car we rented from artist Zac Carroll, and the design beautifully devolved from there. Another brilliant Terri V banger!

7 - Gato Roboto (2018)

Gato Roboto Logo

Beautifully designed by artist, Guillaume Singelin. Singelin has done the key art for Gato Roboto, as well as other Doinksoft hits, Demon Throttle, and Gunbrella. Fun story: Kate told the Doinksoft developers "Whatever you do, don't just slap some art on a black T-shirt and call it a day." She was wrong. People crave duochromatic mech-cat shirts.

6 - Red Sox (2017)

Red Sox Logo

What better way to sing 'Sweet Caroline' at the bottom of the eighth than in this shirt. It doesn't help you sing better, but does serve as a great napkin after your third Fenway Frank. Designed for PAX East 2017 by Omar Mejia.

5 - Black Metal (2020)

Black Metal Logo

We woke up to a tweet from Terri Vellmann that was just this design, and we said "Ok, we're making a jacket from that." We only sold them for 100 hours, but now we're bringing them back as shirts! Also, yes, we know it's not really metal if it's legible, but like, branding y'all.

4 - Dropsy (2015)


To where could Dropsy and his pals be off to? Who knows, but just remember to smile and give your friends some nice warm damp hugs every once in a while. Designed by SURPRISE, SURPRISE, Terri Vellmann.

3 - Cult of the Lamb - Praise Lamb (2023)

Praise Lamb

Many have praised. Many more are about to and they just don't know it yet. Fans got to show their devotion to the most adorable cult in the land with this high-quality design last year with some more sizes still available! Artwork by Massive Monster and Carles Dalmau.

2 - Volvyland Tokyo (2023)

Volvyland Tokyo

As one of the most sold shirts in company history with it selling out in mere days, we promised to bring it back after our marketing team lost an underwater LARPing tournament over a Summer weekend to fans. This here is the replica of the original Japan-exclusive Volvy shirt made for the grand opening of Volvyland Tokyo in 1994. Doodled by, you guessed it, Terri Vellmann.

1 - The OG Logo (2009)

OG Logo

This is it. This is the one. The OG freakin' logo in all its glory. I know, so original to place this at the top of the list, right? We're 15 years older and the majority of us are not that much wiser than when we started and the logo hasn't changed much, but this is the design that started this chaotic road trip of indie publishing. Designed by Nigel's friend, Tim Delger. Ah welp, that's it. Byeeee.