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Devolver Direct Recap: Volv-E Reveals Baby Steps, Human Fall Flat 2 And More! 

Give Him A Big Hand

Following today’s flawless Volv-E presentation, Devolver Digital is proud to take credit for two brand new independently developed video games: the hilarious Baby Steps from Gabe Cuzillo, Maxi Boch and Bennett Foddy, and the jaw-dropping Human Fall Flat 2 from No Brakes Games.

Alongside them, Croteam’s The Talos Principle 2 solved the question of what it will look like by showing the world what it looks like in Volv-E’s world exclusive gameplay reveal, while the magical sandbox of Galvanic Games’ upcoming Wizard With A Gun dropped a brand new single-player demo on Steam. Thanks Volv-E!

But that’s not all! Volvy’s hype-filled pre-show featured the exciting release date announcement of SLUDGE LIFE 2, along with an exclusive standalone Steam demo that offers up a short slice of what happens to GHOST and the crew before BIG MUD "sells out".

Volv-E provides a breathtaking look into the simplicity of creativity, demonstrating his frictionless use of generative algorithms and deep-learning techniques to autonomously create video games without any direct input from developers at all!

Learn more about all of the upcoming games, see the trailers, watch the presentation again, and grab a big handful of classic Volvy swag at


Following shareholder feedback, Volv-E has been placed on indefinite hiatus.