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Devolver Digital and System Era say ‘I Do’

Eight long years ago Devolver made a terrible mistake. They almost published Astroneer!

Imagine that. Sadly, the award-winning Seattle-based developer System Era went on to find extraordinary fame and success without them, and the rest is history.

Until now. 

System Era Joins the Devolver Family

Today, after almost a decade of mutual admiration and friendship, Devolver Digital and System Era declare their undying love for one another in the only way they know how: by turning down the lights, turning up the heat, and forming a strategic business relationship. 

Back when Devolver and System Era were just a glint in the video game industry’s eye, both teams vowed to build companies that reflected their spirit of independence. They placed passion and creativity proudly at the forefront of their businesses, and quickly found success. Now, they have new ambitions that they felt could be explored better, together. 

Brendan Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of System Era, said: “We've always seen Devolver's banner as a mark of quality. Their developer-first ethos has paved the way for some of the boldest and most creative ideas to thrive, and we're thrilled to be joining a merry band of like-minded people where our games will get the support they need within a culture they love."

The System Era fans know and love will continue doing what they do best: making cool video games. In fact, some of the team has already been working on something new and exciting. The Astroneer community can also rest assured that the 2024 roadmap is well on its way, so stay tuned! Astroneer rules.

An unnamed Devolver Digital employee was overheard muttering: “I still can’t believe we didn’t sign Astroneer.”

Reader, they married them.

Brendan Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of System Era, said:

"Devolver and System Era have been mutual admirers for a long time. We've always seen Devolver's banner as a mark of quality, but they also represent an  approach to developing and publishing games that is unique in the industry. Their developer-first orientation lets bold and unorthodox ideas thrive. We're  thrilled to be joining into a confederation of like-minded people where System Era's games will get the support needed to reach global audiences, and our developers will continue to work within the culture they love."