One Couch at a Time

Directed by Alexandra Liss | 2013 | 87min

What would you share with a stranger?

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EntrepreneuREEL presents: One Couch at a Time, The first full-length feature documentary on the CouchSurfing movement and this emerging “age of sharing” humanity is entering. The film follows protagonist and veteran CouchSurfer Alexandra Liss through 21 countries, 6 subcontinents, for 7 months using As we explore our inner and societal limits, this film pushes us to ask ourselves and our peers: “What would YOU be willing to share with a stranger?”

CouchSurfing is a planet in this “sharing economy” galaxy—and the platform upon which this entire film takes place. Alexandra also explores crowd funding, co-working, ridesharing, and gifting at the ultimate sharing society - Burning Man! We focus, however, on the micro, by capturing the magical, heart-warming, serendipitous exchanges that occur one couch at a time.

Each host and traveler along the way provides a unique experience, each becoming a sub-subject illustrating the incredible exchange. Alexandra, who begins her journey full of confusion, ends up learning lessons of a lifetime with the help of a few worldly friends.

We learn that by embracing the “age of sharing” mentality we have access to methods that place your passions and dreams merely a couch away. Featured interviews include sharing economy expert Rachel Botsman, founder of Burning Man Larry Harvey, sacred economist Charles Eisenstein, and of course, the founder of Couchsurfing, Casey Fenton.


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