Feeding Mr. Baldwin

Directed by Will Prescott | 5/27/2014 | 1:34:33

A house sitter bites off more than he can chew when a corpse shows up at the estate he's watching. Desperate to make a good impression, he convinces an old friend to help clean up the mess but the body count quickly increases.

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​When Drew (Dalton Leeb) is asked to watch the home of Lance Bryant (Christopher B. Duncan), a successful entrepreneur, he believes it’s the key to everything that’s been missing in his life– namely a good job and some general direction. But shortly after he takes the reins of the household, a series of odd and increasingly threatening people stop by—punctuated by the home delivery of a young woman’s corpse. Not wanting to ruin an opportunity to become Bryant’s right hand man, Drew ropes his long-lost friend, Kamal, (Anil Margsahayam) into his shenanigans. As their failed attempts to fix the problem increase, so does the body count in this outrageous comedy of errors.


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