Directed by David McCracken, Joel Townsend, Kaidan Tremain | 1:37:00

A horror/thriller about a team of Child Protective Services workers who investigate a series of bizarre child abuse cases in the small town of Daylight, IN.

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​The small Midwestern town of Daylight, IN was shaken several years ago by the murder of two people and the unexplained disappearance of six others. A videotape found at the murder scene only told half the story, but now, three years later, police have discovered a second tape in a lake a mile from the crime scene…

The two unedited tapes reveal a series of three child abuse cases documented by three Child Protective Services workers: Jennifer, Josh, and David.

Russell Olyphant, a boy with poverty-stricken parents who turn to Christian Science to heal him of a mysterious ailment, becomes Josh’s obsession.

David investigates Susan Ellroy, the 14-year-old teacher’s pet who suddenly becomes sexually-charged at school, possibly the result of abuse from her father who disappeared years ago.

Lastly, Jennifer finds a kinship with Sydney Irons, a 9-year-old whose unusual behavior may be the result of something far more sinister than anything she’s ever dealt with.

As their investigation unfolds, the CPS team discovers that the town of Daylight harbors terrible secrets that will lead them down a dark path. One that will force them to confront their own secretive pasts and may link them and the three children to forces beyond their power and comprehension. A path that may lead them into the very bowels of Hell itself.


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