DEVOLVER LIVE: Watch all new gaming movies every Friday on Twitch!

DEVOLVER LIVE: Watch all new gaming movies every Friday on Twitch!

Set an alarm for Fridays because we’re cooking up something special with Twitch! Starting tomorrow, Devolver Digital brings you a weekly series of live screenings of game related movie titles on Twitch.

The series kicks off tomorrow, January 9, 2015. Each film will air at approximately 2:15pm PST at and will feature live chatting with the respective filmmakers.

The series will begin with a screening of the Devolver-produced documentary Stream Dream.

This film chronicles the rising influence of gaming video content creators using Twitch and other video platforms to reach their worldwide audiences.

Devolver will preface Stream Dream with a premiere of its new Winter Releases Trailer which features even more upcoming titles coming your way this winter and beyond!

The full Twitch Live Screening Schedule:

  • January 9: Stream Dream and Winter Releases Trailer

  • January 16: Pixel Poetry - A games-as-art documentary

  • January 23: (no broadcast this week)

  • January 30: Angry Video Game Nerd - The movie adaptation of the popular comic web series

  • February 6: Gaming in Color - a new LGBTQ gamer documentary

  • February 13: World 1-1 - An early history of the video game industry

  • February 20: Super Game Jam: Ep 1 and Ep 5 - Game development becomes entertainment

Tune in and join the fun. Chat live with the filmmakers and see all new movies for free!

Can’t be there live? See them now on or watch for other digital VOD dates coming soon.