Bundles of Bundles: Movies for Your Mom (and everyone else)

Bundles of Bundles: Movies for Your Mom (and everyone else)

Just in time for every movie lover on your list, Devolver Digital Films has curated some of our best films into Holiday Bundles on VHX! Give as a gift and use VHX to set delivery to December 25th, or make their day any day of the month—each package includes five great Devolver movie titles in one great (and hella simple) digital delivery!

THE MOM PACK: For your favorite discerning cinephile who brought forth life.

Mom has already ruined it with babies, why not gift her Let’s Ruin It With Babies? Plus the acclaimed Soft in the Head, See You Next Tuesday, How We Got Away With It, and Home, James.

THE DAD PACK: Make up for years and years of never quite living up to your father’s expectations with these hot indie films.

Includes new documentary Pixel Poetry (below), The Golden Scallop, Feeding Mr. Baldwin, Men With Beards, and Losing LeBron.

THE LITTLE BROTHER PACK: Hand-picked for that lovable, yet irresponsible slacker that you used to beat up when you were kids.

Includes indie horror hit Motivational Growth, plus Austin High, Steve Chong Finds Out That Suicide is a Bad Idea, Aya: Awakenings and Good Game.

THE UNCLE PACK: He probably gave you your first beer. Give him some movies.

Surely we’re not the only ones with uncles who have lived in vans in our driveway. Check out VW van doc Circle the Wagen, plus In The Shadow, Loves Her Gun, Don’t Know Yet, and The Poisoning.

Or give the ultimate indie lover’s gift:

THE EVERYTHING BUNDLE: Every single Devolver Digital film for only $79.95. That’s 40 movies straight to your hard drive.

The Everything Bundle
The Everything Bundle
When you buy a Bundle on VHX, download codes are generated - just click to enter the codes and start watching right away. Bundle up for real this winter and grab one of these great movie deals before they disappear. In January, they’re gone!