Mile High Horror Shorts

Various Directors | 2013 | 75min

Ten Horror-ific Indie shorts curated by the Mile High Film Festival

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TEN great short films curated by Tim Schultz of the amazing Mile High Horror Film Festival that takes place in Denver Colorado every October. 75 minutes of indie genius including:

The Table

The Table directed by Shane Free

Two friends buy, what looks to be, an antique table before discovering it has a far more sinister purpose.

Velvet Road

Velvet Road directed by L. Gustavo Cooper

In the racially charged South of the 1960’s the black population of a small town is blamed for the spread of a virulent plague…

A Little Off The Top

A Little Off The Top directed by Adam O’Brien

A hair stylist and his long lost, famous client reunite for a styling session down memory lane with unpleasant consequences for one of them.

White Room

White Room directed by Chris Chitaroni

Like many youngsters, Cindy believed there was something ominous lurking within her closet. Unfortunately she was right.

Bunny Boy

Bunny Boy directed by Brandon LaGanke

When a young child walks home from school he encounters a strange-looking man in a full bunny costume laying in his back yard. The man is not moving and appears to be dead. Instead of fleeing, the child is intrigued and engages in a silent conversation. Little does he know, the man is not dead. On the contrary, he’s quite alive.

Nursery Crimes

Nursery Crimes directed by L. Whyte

Rhymes with murder.

46 Miles

46 Miles directed by Brad Stabio

A hitchhiker looking for a ride gets picked and gets more than he bargained for. As the driver of the car and the hitchhiker struggle through small talk, an awkward moment turns into genuine admiration and the two find they have much more in common than they ever could have hoped.


Certified directed by Luke Guidici

In 1950’s rural America, a postman’s first day takes a terrifying turn when a precocious young girl tells him of her family’s horrible tragedy.


Incubator directed by Jimmy Weber

A young man wakes up in a bathtub full of ice and blood only to discover his problems have just begun. You’ve heard the urban legend… this is worse.


Gillespie directed by John Gibson

A businessman is confronted by his demons in the form of a door to door redemption salesman.


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