Gods Will Be Watching + Devolver Digital

Valencia-based indie developer Deconstructeam and rogue game publisher Devolver Digital have announced their partnership to release Gods Will Be Watching to PC and mobile platforms in Spring 2014. Originally created as one of the more notable entries in the Ludum Dare 26 game jam, Gods Will Be Watching is a radical take on the traditional point and click adventure designed around ethical conundrums and moral dilemmas of a space exploration team stranded on an unfamiliar world.

Gods Will Be Watching is being completely overhauled as Deconstructeam expands on the themes of despair, commitment, and sacrifice to create a minimalistic point and click adventure unlike anything else before it. Players will be faced with puzzles based around the survival of the crew and must make tough decisions that will affect the entire crew’s wellbeing.

Through Indiegogo, the development team has raised nearly €20,000 for the full game and Devolver Digital is excited to announce that the publisher will match all funds raise through the end of the campaign to ensure Gods Will Be Watching reaches its full potential.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Devolver Digital and make Gods Will Be Watching everything we ever wanted it to be from the start,” said Jordi de Paco, founder of developer Deconstructeam. “We’re excited to receive such great support and can’t wait to implement some of the new features that are now possible.”

Follow development of Gods Will Be Watching via deconstructeam.com or on Twitter @Deconstructeam. For more information on Gods Will Be Watching or to back the project, please visit the Indiegogo campaign page here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/gods-will-be-watching